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Our Approach

Our Goal

We believe that every living creature on Earth is naturally equipped with a complex health maintenance system that is greater than anything science can create.  Therefore, our goal is to support the animal body in what it is naturally designed to do---  stay healthy--- in a manner that honors and respects its natural systems of healing and health maintenance.  Each and every advanced herbal formula we produce is intended to do exactly that, without bypassing, overstimulating, confusing or suppressing biological functions that are integral to your pet's wellness.

Our Story

Our Commitment to Quality

It seems that in the early days of the of the pet products industry many people adopted a philosophy that dogs, cats and other animals can thrive on foods and supplements that are of lower quality than what we require as humans.  Not only is this not true, but potentially harmful. Animals need the same level of quality that we do, but in formulations that they can properly digest and metabolize.  This is why all of our supplements are made according to the highest manufacturing and testing standards in the industry, from only the finest human-suitable ingredients available.


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