Veterinarian Approved Herbal Tincture Formulas


Our sweet-tasting, glycerin-based herbal tinctures are made specifically for use in animals, from the finest herbs available.

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Endocannabinoid Supplements

Our premium quality hemp formulations are designed to support healthy modulation of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining animal and human health.


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Advanced Health Support Formulas

We use American-sourced, certified organic mushrooms…

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The Leader in Herbal Product Innovation & Education

Herbalist & Founder Greg Tilford started into the world of botanical veterinary medicine back in 1994, when he reached out to holistic veterinarian friends to ask if there was anything that a Western herbalist could do to help support them in serving the holistic wellness needs of companion animals.  Their response was that they were tired and frustrated with the approach of treating only symptoms;  instead they needed herbal tonics that could be used to assist the animal body in its natural efforts to heal itself and stay healthy.   So Greg went to work, creating a formula called “Detox Allergy Blend”— a liquid tincture compound to support healthy liver function and aid with removal of excess waste from the body.    Within just a couple of weeks favorable results began pouring in, and as years went by he soon found himself consulting and formulating for hundreds of veterinarians world wide.

Today we work with upward of 600 veterinarians to develop herbal formulations that meet the stringent needs of the most discriminating practitioners  Nothing is compromised.  Each product is made using the best, human-quality herbs available, from sustainable sources that are continually monitored for quality.  Each formula is designed for clinical use and has been “field tested” for optimum palatability, potency and safety by leading veterinarians that are experienced in the use of herbs for animals.  Unlike other similar products that are simply adapted from herbal formulations made for humans, each Veterinarian’s Apawthecary product is designed only for animals; with respect to fact that their bodies and systemic needs are different than ours, as is their tolerances and sensitivities to various botanical compounds.  In other words, each Veterinarian’s Apawthecary formula has been expertly fine tuned to the specific needs of animals.


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